Code of Behaviour

Code of Behaviour
‘”Preparing lifelong learners and caring, contributing citizens.”


At Featherston, we value and respect the ideas, beliefs, abilities and cultures of all our community members. The Code of Behaviour describes how we demonstrate that respect for our community, our selves, and our learning. Our school will be a welcoming and safe environment for everyone learning and working in it. Featherston students are:



  • We come to school every day.
  • We are in class on time.
  • We come to school with all the supplies and materials we need.
  • We complete work on time and to the best of our abilities.
  • We are responsible for any work we miss.
  • We have a positive attitude.
  • We ask for help if we need it.
  • We keep our parents informed about what is happening at school.



  • We use respectful language at all times with everybody.
  • We demonstrate appropriate dress for school.
  • We comply with requests from staff.
  • We care for school property and our own belongings.
  • We respect the rights of others to have a safe, quiet environment to learn, work and play.
  • We communicate honestly, politely and openly with everyone.
  • We represent Featherston in the community and at school-authorized events.

    Our students enjoy a wide range of special events and privileges including; class and school wide recognition, sports teams, intra mural sports, extracurricular music programs, certificates, dances, honorable mentions, prizes and awards.

    If students are unable to comply with the rules of the school, we will work with them, as well as with their parents and teachers, to help them make more appropriate choices. All students will be treated fairly. Unacceptable behaviours will be linked with clear, fair, consistent consequences.

    A range of consequences may be applied including;


  • a verbal reminder
  • practice of correct behaviour
  • an apology to the persons affected
  • a discussion with the teacher
  • a call or note to parents
  • a problem-solving page
  • conflict mediation
  • a referral to the principal or vice-principal
  • removal from the classroom
  • community service around the school
  • removal of privileges
  • suspension from school according to OCDSB

In keeping with OCDSB Safe Schools policy there is zero tolerance for weapons, drugs or alcohol, vandalism, threats of serious bodily harm or swearing at a teacher or person in a position of authority.

Physical, verbal, written or psychological abuse, discrimination and degradation are unacceptable.

All students have the right to express themselves in school through their choice of clothing, hair styles, jewelry, and accessories. While a student’s style is their choice, we want to keep school a place where everyone can feel comfortable. To learn about the OCDSB's Student Dress Code, please visit

The Safe Schools Policy can be viewed at


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